Thursday, April 8, 2010

Friday's Favourite - Spring blossoms

Spring is a beautiful time of year when not only do the tulips, daffodils and other bulbs burst into colour, but so do many trees.  These are two varieties of crab apple at our local arboretum.

Here are cherry trees in Vancouver, the photo is from a gardening associate who wanted to share their beauty.
I'm joining Claudia at Dipity Road with her celebration of 'Finding Beauty' each Friday.


  1. Wow..stunning beauty! How I would love to be sitting nearby..having a picnic or reading a book in that scenery! Could even inspire one write poetry..! Beautiful Judith!!

  2. One of my favorite flowers in the springtime! These are gorgeous and tall with full blooms! Our cherry trees in the nearby lake have reached maturity and have fallen to the ground, sigh..

    P.S. The California Goldfields scientific name is lasthenia and they grew wild.

  3. I love seeing trees in bloom in the spring. Such a short time though. Great photos.

  4. Beautiful! I am loving all the beauty this spring!

  5. I love flowering trees and the gentle fall of their petals in the wind or rain. There is then a beautiful carpet under the tree.

  6. I love those flowering trees, so pretty. Love the fountains against them too, what a beautiful sight!...Christine

  7. Ohhh how lovely your captures are today! I am so excited to see the spring blossoms on trees.

    I just need to be patient I am afraid :)

    Thanks so much for joining with us at FFB -- you have brightened my day!



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