Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friday's Favourite - The Green Store

When we're up north visiting family there is a fantastic home and garden store I try to get to each time called The Green Store.  They have so many different things and I've bought plenty from them over the years.  I thought I'd share a few views from the inside so you can do some window shopping.

Oh yes, did I mention that they have a small room filled with gourmet foods and a huge display case of fudge?  After the candy sample they insist you have, it's inevitable that a nice little chunk of decadent fudge will be part of your purchase.


  1. Hi Judith,I love window shopping, it gives me ideas for small vignettes in my home. Did you come home with some fudge? Take care.

  2. Yay..the Green is a charming place!

  3. Hi Judith... I love all the goodies in "window #2"... i love birds on everything!
    The fudge reminds me of Stuckeys... When you travel through the south in the middle of the desert there are these signs for Stuckeys advertising pecan rolls and fudge. These signs go on for hundreds of miles (out in the middle of the desert seeing the next sign coming becomes exciting). Finally when you get to Stuckeys it is packed! Everyone has been thinking of the goodies and drooling for hours! Good advertising!

  4. It looks a really interesting place. I'm sure it would be difficult to leave empty-handed.

  5. Looks like a really nice store to browse in. Fudge is always nice isn't it. Valerie

  6. Hi Judith,
    Pretty things and fudge - they understand how to keep their customers coming back time and time again. I especially love the displays in the 2nd and 3rd photos - it's a lovely shop!

    Wishing you & yours a very happy May Day!

  7. that looks like a fun place to shop. hmmm fudge!


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