Thursday, April 22, 2010

Friday's Favourite - Admirable tulips

Sometimes when bulbs are planted in the fall over the years, you forget what you have put in.  Such is the case with the tulips at the front of the house; many have been added, many lost to the squirrels.
Coming out the front door this week I did a double-take at the beauty of these yellow-edged pink tulips.
I guess we not only have to take time to smell the roses, but to admire the beauty of each and every flower.


  1. Hi Judith... I love garden surprises! The tulips are lovely!
    I hope you enjoy your weekend:-)

  2. What a beautiful tulip to have forgotten, but you did a moment to enjoy it. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. I have had more surprises this year. I thought I planted bloodroot in one spot and it comes up in another. What a nice surprise for you to see those lovely tulips. Valerie

  4. I love bulbs. They are one of nature's miracle plants. How lovely those tulips are and what a great photo. They scream Happy Spring!

  5. Very beautiful tulip- I had one daffodil ready to bloom and the snow buried it!

  6. I too have lost many tulips to squirrels !

  7. Judith, your garden must be beautiful. I love this tilip and the pretty color.

  8. Tulips are beautiful and every year I buy some of them for my garden .
    Your blog is very interesting for me ,I love gardens and all what you can find there...trees, plants, flowers,birds...I invite you to visit me


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