Friday, March 5, 2010

A Magical Garden

While driving down a sidestreet yesterday I had to stop and go back to take a look at a front yard that had caught my attention.  In the area of Dunedin is this magical garden with so many charming elements, it took my breath away.  I decided it would be my Friday`s favourite this week and as you`ll see in the photos, an excellent choice.  Look at the chandelier hanging from the tree - wow!

Here is a view of the other half of the front yard where the large tree had things tacked to it, including the sign below.

Around the perimeter of this magical garden was the cutest white picket fence with bunnies carved into the top.  Isn't it wonderful what some gardeners can do with their garden, especially a front yard?


  1. What a very sweet and magical garden! I love when people adorn the front garden or just makes things so magical and intriguing! Beautiful post! Yay! have a happy day!

  2. That would really catch my attention too! I hope you are enjoying your holiday it must be nice to see all that green.

  3. That is a great garden you have. Thanks for shareing your garden with us, Julian

  4. OMG!! I love it! That is what I wish my front garden looked like. Got rid of all the lawn 2 years ago, now just transforming a little at a time....some day ;)
    Wishning a wonderful time. We were stationed in Miami for 5 years...not sure which part you are in, but enjoy!!

  5. A lovely garden, Judith! My auntie and uncle went to Dunedin every winter, up until this year. They always loved it there. Unfortunately, neither of them are well enough to go any more which is a shame because they really looked forward to spending the cold winter season down there.



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