Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friday's Favourite - Raccoon family

Back in the '70s when I was doing ceramics I painted the usual garden gnomes, Christmas decorations and many other things.  My favourite was the animals I did though and this is the raccoon family that sits on the desk in my office. The little ones peeking around the log remind me of how lovable yet mischievious the real babies can be.
We've had raccoons in our trees, stuck in the gazebo birdfeeder on the deck and fishing in the pond but we try to be patient with them since we have a designated backyard wildlife habitat. 
I'm joining Claudia today as well at Dipity Road for her Finding Beauty meme.


  1. Very nice job~ it looks professional! :) Nancy

  2. I just think their faces are so funny.

  3. Hi Judith!
    I love this - it is soooo cute and beautifully painted! I can only imagine how entertaining racoons can be in real life! :) Kudos on your designated backyard wildlife habitat!!!
    I hope you have a beauty-filled day!

  4. very cute statuette. I wonder if you've seen the commercial for Sears optical that cracks my family up. There is a lady about to go to bed so she opens the back door and calls to her kitty and a racoon comes up and in the back. The lady is talking all sweet and lovey to the racoon and at the end of the commercial she is turning out the light and the racoon is curled up at the foot of her bed. lol

  5. Yes, raccoons are very cute but they really get into things. We bought a caged suet feeder to keep them out and they carried off the whole thing! When I found the feeder a month later I put a latch hook on it for hanging.

  6. Cute statue -- but in real life they scare the heck out of me.

    When I was a young girl i remember at camp they crept into our tent and ooooh my goodness I really was scared LOL.

    Thanks for joining FFB


  7. Beautiful piece! Thank you for sharing it with us.


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