Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friday's Favourite - Little rain boots

Rain boots come in all kinds of sizes and I have two pairs of them that have different uses.  The lavender ones are the home for a pink polka dot plant and kalanchoe as well as a small yellow bird perched at the top.
My other pair below are wellies that sit on my desk and hold  pens, markers, and scissors etc.
These little rain boots won't be sloshing around in spring when it rains but will be happy inside where it's warm and dry.


  1. They are so cute......very appropriate for our rainy day here in Georgia! The birdie is a nice addition to the floral. I never thought of using it as a pencil/scissor holder.

  2. Love them, where did you get them. I need a pair.

  3. i'm a rain boot girl...i have about 5 pairs that i do use for sloshing around in the rain! but i'm really loveing how you've used yours. very cute indeed!


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