Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Bonnets and Baskets

It's Easter week, time to put on your Easter Bonnet!  Hats decorated with fresh flowers are delightful although not always practical.  Can you picture yourself wearing this black and pink/purple combo?
How about the one below? 

Isn't this one elegant?  It would seem I always manage to snap pictures of pink and purple flowers and that's because I'm drawn to them as two of my favourite colours.
These hats were constructed for floral arranging competitions but would have been fun to try on.
I wonder how many women do actually wear hats anymore?  I know a couple that wear them to church on Sunday and of course the Red Hat Society is famous for their assortment of glamorous bonnets.  If we are experiencing a time of 'everything old is new again', maybe we can resurrect this tradition.

Your Easter basket doesn't have to be for collecting chocolate eggs.  It can be a great place to tuck in some spring flowering bulbs and other plants with colourful foliage.

This is my basket from last year and you'll notice I stuck a hummingbird in the pink hyacinth.  The display you create will be as wonderful as your own imagination.

Happy Easter fellow bloggers.  May you all spend precious time with family and friends this weekend.


  1. Love the second hat...I always wear a hat, no matter the season. Have a wonderful Easter.

  2. I love the hat's, very beautiful. Have a happy easter.

  3. OOOOOOOh! so lovely the hats & baskets ...

    Happy Easter!
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Beautiful post. The hats are lovely. Just right for a day at the races with all the uppety ups. Devine Daaaling. Valerie

  5. What lovely flowery hats. What a great idea for the Easter basket. I'll have to remember the idea for next Easter. Happy Easter.

  6. Oh my, Judith, those are delightful and gorgeous! I too am drawn to pink and other lovely colours. I always wore a hat to church when my hubby and I were pastoring although they were much simpler than these grand ones. I adore hats, and I really wish they would come back in style again. I do however wear hats in the wintertime always. Have a beautiful day.


  7. Hi Judith,
    I am catchinhg up on blog rweading today... and am so glad I didn't miss your Easter Hat post!
    I love the peony and delphinum straw hat... dreamy!
    I am drawn to pink and purple too... I can't wait to see your garden!


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