Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mosaic Monday - Birdbath Birdies

I decided to share a mosaic made from some of the photos I posted for Camera Critters on Saturday.  In line with Mary's 'Think Spring' theme to her mosaic, it was almost like a spring day when I took all of these pictures. (except the chickadee taken in the fall)  My camera was set on the tripod in a bedroom window that faced the heated birdbath and visitors just kept coming.  There were more than what I've shown here and the ones that had the most fun?  Look at the starlings just splashing about!  The birdbath needs filling every other day because of them and there is usually 6-8 in there at a time.
You'll have to enlarge the mosaic to see the top right photo better of the cedar waxwings eating snow off the roof of our garden shed.
I hope you'll visit Mary at her Little Red House to see her wonderful spring flowers mosaic and many others by talented bloggers.


  1. Dontcha just love birdie visitors!!??

    Great shots!! Thanks for sharing. Never tire of seeing birds ;~)
    Have a great week

  2. Beautiful bird mosaic, and beautiful blog! The lavendar is just breathtaking! Love it! Cindy

  3. Love your bird mosaic! You get a lot of visitors :)

  4. Ahhhh-- these lil critters are such fun!

    We dont have cardnals out here and they are sure some of my favorites.

    Lovely hon!


  5. what a gorgeous mosaic great shots

  6. Aww, sweet little birds. Nice mosaic. Have a wonderful day!

  7. Love your little camera critters and really looove your header, it makes me so excited for spring and summer, beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing. . .

  8. You have such a nice variety of birds that visit your place. I like your mosaic.

    Topaz is quite the handsome fellow; looks like a wonderful companion.

    Thank you for visiting my camera critter post and leaving your comment. Hope you have a great week. =)

  9. Love your birdie photos. I have a heated birdbath and the birds are really using it lately.

  10. I so love watching birds. Your photos are terrific. I especially like the one with Robin Redbreast on the bottom right corner.

    AND!!!!!!!!! Below, the blue jay at the bird bath? Awesome. We don't have those here in Coastal Texas.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog Saturday and leaving such a sweet, sweet comment.

    Have a great week ahead.

  11. Iw would love to watch those birds splashing about in the birdbath. Of course by us they'd be skating on it these days. Beautiful! ~Jeanne

  12. I love when the birds come to visit!

  13. We have a birdbath, too, and love to watch the our little feathered friends stop by. We've got a few hummingbirds who've made it their mission to keep their feeder drained. Once it's empty, they hover right out the window, looking in to remind us to get it filled again!

  14. Beautiful photos. I have been trying to feed the birds during this snowstorm we had. Poor things -- hope they don't starve. I love the photo of the birds eating snow. What a curious thing to do.

  15. Beautiful mosaic of the birds!

  16. What a nice post. I really wish more people would put out a heated birdbath in winter. Finding water can be such a challenge for birds.

    Our birdbath is a good distance away from the window so the birds are difficult to photograph. With the cold temps we've had there's been plenty of birds stop buy, including the Crows, and I know they appreciate it!

    Sharon (The Sweetest of Days)

  17. What a great mosaic. Love your birds!


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