Thursday, February 4, 2010

Friday's Favourite - Treasured Frames

I have a couple of pretty frames that I treasure.  Both were gifts, and in this one, my friend Ruth who is an artist, included one of her watercolours.  She is as talented a gardener as she is an artist and paints beautiful flowers.
It's not hard to tell why I love this picket fence frame with the birds, birdhouses and twining vine.  This was a birthday present several years ago from a gardening associate and friend.  The picture inside is the front of a card with my favourite colours and of course, butterflies.


  1. These are truly lovely! Gorgeous frames and art! What special treasures!Yes...Those butterflies are So Lovely!

  2. Hi Judith, Thanks for stopping by. Yes I grew munsteed, I picked them up from a garden centre south of Uxbridge some 10 years ago. We moved this past Nov and I understand from our neighbors that I have alot of gardening ahead of me. I'm hoping that I will have lavender.. Those frames are stunning.Linda

  3. Those frames are gorgeous! So much character! :)


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