Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friday's Favourite - Bouquet Transformation

Start with a nice big bouquet of yellow spider mums that look lush and appealing in their vase.  But then a few start to droop and the centres turn brown in some others.  It's time to take the big bouquet apart and make some smaller ones.

 Here's a group of the mums in a small cut glass pitcher on the kitchen table.

A handful in a tall thin crystal vase in the ensuite powder room.

These three in the glass bowl ended up on the window sill over the sink in the kitchen where I could admire them everytime I was cooking or cleaning up.

Here is the original bouquet.  The spider mums were bought at a local grocery store and lasted two weeks in the various containers.


  1. So beautiful! Your vases and arrangenements are all so lovely! I too recently receievd some flowers..and it is so nice to spread thme around in every room..I agree so noce in the kitchen..very uplifting! Wonderful post!
    PS: I love the shot over looking from above..!

  2. It always makes me smile when North Americans call these flowers 'mums' while in the UK we call them 'chrysanths'. They are good value though when they last such a long time :-)

  3. That is such a nice way to brighten up the house..beautiful flowers!


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