Friday, January 1, 2010

Friday's Favourite - Shade Combo

This is one of my favourite shade combos which is in the reading garden by the garden shed.  I call it the this because there is a bench to sit on overlooking the pond and a statue of a fairy reading; a perfect place for me to pick up a book too.
At the back you can just see a bit of brunnera 'Jack Frost', hosta 'June' and front left is astrantia major 'Ruby Cloud' with a Japanese painted fern on the right.

And here is the reading fairy although this photo was taken when there were other plants in the reading garden such as the pink astilbe seen to the right.


  1. A reading garden, I love that. I will have to steal your idea and create one of those in my yard. That is a beautiful plant combo.

  2. lavender..........happy new year to ya all....

    sorry to hear about your personal losses in the past year......and love to read that you are so close to your grandchildren. i bet they enjoy hanging out you. i would.

    i also read your post on lasagna gardening. i have been doing this for years....sure makes for easier gardening. this year i am trying some straw bale gardening too....just for fun. my bales are already in place for this, just waiting for spring plantings.

    again...happy new year and look forward to following along in the new year.



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