Thursday, January 7, 2010

Friday's Favourite - New Dawn rose

A rose draped arbour is to be expected in a typical English country garden and it is this romantic style that has had an influence on my gardens.  Pictured is the climbing rose 'New Dawn' that scrambles up and over the arbour leading into the back yard.
In blossom, her delicate apple-like scent carries on the wind and is sheer bliss on a warm summer night.  You can see why this was a perfect place for some of our daughter's wedding photos.
Now there is a new arbour and a perfect companion planted with the rose, 'The President', a purple clematis that looks very regal against the pale pink rose petals.


  1. Beautiful climbing rose! It sure is a perfect place for wedding photo's!

  2. It's gorgeous - I just looked it up and hardy to zone 4 so I added it to my wish list :) Would love to see a wedding photo under it.

  3. It is a beautiful place for a wedding photo!


  4. Beautiful..simply gorgeous..great photo! I too love new dawn roses and have them..they are such an enchanting treat every summer!

  5. I have always wanted an arbor -- someday.


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