Thursday, January 21, 2010

Friday's Favourite - My Feathered Nest

My love of birds extends to the decor in our home, especially my office where they make it a cosy place to work.  This is a tealight holder that is sometimes filled with dried lavender.

A thermometer with nuthatches that's in the corner.

One of my favourite pillows with feathers and a bird's nest that's on the loveseat.

A miniature birdbath, a nest with bluejay feathers and fake eggs that are Easter candies I painted a few years ago and the top of a tin that used to have a scented candle inside.
Many times I've wished the window in my office faced the backyard where the pond and bird feeders are but then I'd spend all my time looking out the window and not get any work done.


  1. I love all of your feathered nest decor - I too have taken my love of birds inside and in the decor around my home, I even have a nest with a bluejay feather :)

    All of it is beautiful!

  2. Love that bird pillow! Like you I decorate around a bird theme.


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