Saturday, January 9, 2010

Camera Critters - My Gardening Buddy

I thought that today for Camera Critters I'd show a couple more picture of Topaz, my gardening buddy.  The top photo shows him right after he was groomed and you can see the long legs he has.  WhenTopaz was younger and we took obedience classes, he could jump almost as high as the labs and retrievers - this ability amazed  the trainer for a small dog.
The bottom picture is from a couple of days ago when we took him to the park by the lake.  The poor little guy cannot take the cold on his feet for very long and here he is already with one cold paw up in the air.
I've bought the muttluks from our pet store for him but he shakes his legs until they fly off and if he's jumping into deep snow they come off in there too and then I have to search for them.
Topaz and I can hardly wait for spring to get back out into the garden.
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  1. I have a feeling from that top photo that Topaz is going to grow to be a big dog. He looks adorable.

  2. Topaz is such a pretty dog. Does he help you with the digging? Our Jack Russells used to but fortunately the Dalmatians and Labradors don't!

  3. Topaz is certainly handsome and seems to know it from the way he's posing for the camera. I've often wondered what Molly would make of snowy conditions. Like most labs she LOVES the water ... but frozen stuph? I just don't know and we've had no wintry experiences yet.
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. I tried to buy snowboots for my doggie, too, but he refuses to walk when they are on your feet. What type of pup? He is beautiful!

  5. Just want to give him a squeeze!

  6. TOpaz is a beautiful dog, what kind is it? Great photos.

  7. I wish Topaz would come and help me in my garden! I am so glad you came to my blog today, because your visit led me to find Lavender Cottage. I just spent an enjoyable half hour exploring your site ... it is lovely. We are kindred spirits I believe. I will visit often. Pamela

  8. Topaz is such a handsome guy. He sure has long legs!! Maybe that's the reason for him to be able to jump so high.

    Thanks for visiting us.

  9. Hello Lavander!
    Your friend is adorable ( wow it's really cold there!),and your pictures are fabulous!
    Here is also snowing but I can face it! Better to stay inside home now!
    Thanks for your kind comment in my blog!
    purrs and love

  10. Topaz, wow! that is one studly looking pup. Nice to have a gardening partner.

  11. Topaz looks like a great buddy to have. Hope things warm up outdoors for all!


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