Saturday, January 23, 2010

Camera Critters - Bulls

One line north from us is a farm that has these huge black angus bulls.  I'm sure they're not that old but I always find their massive size and gentle demeanor facinationg.  I took these photos last summer and they were as interested in me, as I in them.  Number 4 seems to be saying 'cheese' for the camera.
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  1. You are right number 4 is very photogenic!
    Adorable post!Happy Camera Critters and a great weekend!

  2. They are beautiful. Having grown up next to a dairy farm, I have a fondness for cows.

    Thanks for stopping by calf post!

    My CC

  3. I have a hankering for a big, sizzling, juicy steak! I know, I know...that's not saying much for animal rights is it?

    My C C is posted below my Photo Hunt Photo. Come see if you have time in your busy day! Happy weekend.


  4. He looks like he has a lot on his mind!

    Thanks for stopping by mine :)

  5. I prefer to live near cows for some reason - we have some longhorns nearby and they are impressive!

  6. Thanks for coming by to see our camera critters post.

    Don't think we have those kind of bulls over this part of the world. What fluffy ears they have!

  7. These guys are certainly taking life easyily, for the moment anyway. Very nice captures of beautiful animals.

  8. Wonderful shots of the cow critters. I like number 4 too. How cute.

  9. My grandmother raised angus cattle. I love their eyes! thanks for the memories!

  10. Black is beautiful!

    Please take a peek at the Mocking Bird at my page.

  11. I absolutely love cows. And these are great photos of them!

  12. Handsome bulls!

    Next time in Innisfil I'll have to look for the mural you mentioned on my blog. ;-) I was just there yesterday!

  13. I like looking at cows and love the newborn calves but bulls always make me nervous! :)
    Great shots!

  14. These "gentle" creatures look pretty intimidating to me! Incidentally. your header is very picturesque!

  15. Yes, #4 seems to have a sense of humor! ;o) Great photos!


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