Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lasagna Gardening

Lasagna gardening which is often referred to as sheet composting is a very easy way to add or enlarge a garden without having to first remove the sod.  Above is a large area of grass we wanted to make into a garden around a couple of mature trees.  The edging was put in place to form the perimeter and I had to lose my herb wheel seen to the right, but I just moved the herbs to pots on the deck.
The first thing we did was put down layers of newspaper and what cardboard we had, wet it all, threw on some compost and then a layer of cedar mulch.  The layers over the newspaper can include leaves, grass clippings, peat moss and trimmings from the garden.

Here is the new bed the next day and in no time over the summer,the grass below had suffocated and died.  The thick mulch keeps the bed moist which has attracted lots of earthworms and other soil critters.  Some shrubs have been planted since this photo was taken and my bird feeders are here now too.
More grass will be covered next year as we add paths and do something different around the pond.


  1. This sounds interesting. Are you able to plant right away, or do you have to wait for a season and let the grass die underneath the mulch before you start digging holes to plant shrubs and plants?

  2. I've met a number of gardeners who have used this method and they all swear by it! I'm getting rid of 3,000 square feet of grass this coming summer (due to water shortages, my water bills are through the roof!) I need to give this a try.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Great post. Lasagna gardening is the way to go!

    I wish you all the best in 2010!

  4. Greetings and Happy New Year! I'm a lavender girl, too and was happy to see your blog listed at My Romantic home! I know I will enjoy it! I love your banner!


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