Friday, December 25, 2009

Friday's Favourite - Gazebo Bird Feeder

This is the gazebo bird feeder that used to be on our deck; it has since succumbed to weathering and chewing from the squirrels.  We now have a metal one from the National Wildlife Federation that should last a long time. 
Our feathered friends rely on our help to get through winter when natural sources become hard to find, especially by March when even the seedheads from the plants in our gardens have been eaten.

A source of water is also a necessity for birds over winter and here you can see the heater that sits in the bottom of our metal bird bath.  We place a stone on top of it for a landing spot and if the water goes below the heater, it shuts off.
This bird bath was visited often during the flurry of activity in our yard yesterday and I even watched a starling take a bath in it.  Robins have started staying year round and one was sitting in the mountain ash which then came and drank too.
It's not hard to figure out that we cherish our feathered friends here and I'm about to go out and put some special treats around.
From our home to yours, a very Merry Christmas.

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