Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Dusting of Snow

December 1 and there is finally a dusting of snow except now it is afternoon and it's all gone.  The pond always looks so pretty with snow on the waterfall.
You'll notice the suet holder is empty....again.  It's not unusual to have 5-6 squirrels at one time in the back yard and they eat the suet from both holders in only a couple of days.  I'm watching them and trying to figure out a squirrel proof place to hang suet.  We've also turned the pump for the waterfall off early, if the weather's nice we leave it on as long as possible.  However, this year the racoons have been climbing up the rocks to drink the cascading water and then using the top stones for a toilet.  Yuck!  It has been really disgusting.
No running water now - no raccoon messes to clean up.


  1. That's a lovely pond. Fun to scope out everyone's water features since that's my big project for this coming summer. Too bad the raccoons can't show a little more respect for it's beauty!

  2. I don't know if there's anything actually "squirrel proof", but good luck with it. I like how the snow accentuates the texture of the stones. Very nice.


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