Thursday, December 3, 2009

Friday's Favourite - Christmas Past

Memories of Christmas Past
Well here I am sitting on Santa's knee way back in 1956 and I don't remember this, but I must have been a tomboy, or a cowboy!  Look at that plaid shirt, boots and plaid cuff on my pants.
There is some feminine dignity to this picture though, I do have my purse with me and learned at an early age never to set your purse down - even when sitting on the jolly fellow's lap.
As I was growing up, the big treat at Christmas was going to downtown Toronto on the subway to see the wonderful windows dressed for the season.  Eatons and Simpsons were the big department stores then and that's where you got your picture taken.
Years later when I was married and putting mine and my husband's childhood photos into one album we discovered pictures of ourselves sitting on the same Santa's knee with the same background.  We could have been together in the line for all we know but I didn't meet him until highschool.


  1. what a sweet photo.......

    and a sweet story about the pics of you and your hubby with the same santa......

  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing that wonderful photo memory.


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