Sunday, December 6, 2009

Camera Critters

Now here's a bold squirrel.  I was sitting at a friend's place one day when I could hear movement behind me.  When I turned around this fellow was looking in the window begging for peanuts.  He stayed along enough for me to capture him with a pocket camera then scampered off after the peanuts that were thrown out the door.  See other camera critters here.


  1. What a cute photo, he really is hanging on there.

  2. I came over for mosaics but I just had to say I love this shot!! So darn cute...

  3. LOL I love this shot! SO many captions could go with it. So cute!

  4. Absolutrly adorable! What a sweet little fella!As always your blog is a delight to visit!

  5. Hey, thanks for visiting Nyack Backayard! I bet that squirrel will be back, too.

    Really enjoyed the photo of you on Santa's knee - LOL about the purse! How funny that you and your husband may have crossed paths back then!

  6. What a GREAT photo! Have you ever visited A Corner Garden? She was taking pictures of the cutey squirrels, too. I wish we had squirrels. They have such darling personalities... :))

  7. LOL, I just read your comments, and saw Kate had mentioned me. I was glad I scrolled down to the end of your blog to see that squirrel photo. I used to hate squirrels, because they dug out my plants and ate things in the veggie garden, but have grown to tolerate them, and even enjoy watching their antics from time to time. Just don't tell them I said that. Mine aren't as tame as that one, but they aren't as afraid of me as they used to be, either.

  8. OMG that is so cute!!!!!!

    Thats a great photo! Great job!



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