Saturday, December 12, 2009

Camera Critters - Dragonfly

When a pond is added to a property it attracts more wildlife than one can imagine, especially many more varieties of insects.  This is a comet darner dragonfly that happily posed for me this summer. 
The family of dragonflies is a large one that includes darners, damselflies, skimmers and others.
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  1. Such a beautiful dragonfly. Great photo!

  2. What a beautiful dragonfly, great picture

  3. fantastic photo of the comet darner! i haven't been out searching for odes in a while, this makes me miss it! love the photo :)

  4. I haven't seen a green dragonfly before, great shot!

    Did you ever ride a carabao?

    Following your blog now.

  5. Simply beautiful and stunning! Lovely shot!

  6. Beautiful dragonfly. Earlier today, me and my son were watching dragonflies flying around our backyard. My son loves dragonfly.
    Great capture!

  7. Beautiful! I love dragonflies. This one is nicely colour coordinated with the pink and green of the flower. Thanks for sharing.


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