Monday, November 23, 2009

Mosaic Monday - Deck the Halls

I don't put out a lot of Christmas decorations as I prefer to decorate for winter instead.  We used to have a tree upstairs and one downstairs, the railings draped with garlands and ribbon but now as empty nesters snowmen, snowflakes and added greens are put out in mid November and stay in place until the end of March with only a few Christmas theme additions.  Oh, and the trees....they've shrunk to a small table top silver tinsel one upstairs and the ceramic tree I made downstairs.
If you'll notice, we even have a purple Santa here that a crafty friend made as well as the group of Santas carolling.  Cardinals, one of my favourite birds are inside and out and even if they have a winter theme, are enjoyed year round.
The half moon shaped Christmas sign that is outside by the front door is one of my accomplishments when I was doing painting crafts and I like it for the nostalgic element it adds.
Mosaic Monday is hosted by Mary at The Little Red House and you'll want to visit her blog for other mosaics.


  1. Okay, I have been trying to hold back on my Christmas decorating but you have inspired me to get started today. I love all of your decorations especially the cardinals.

  2. Congrats on getting Christmas going early, I going to try to get through Thanksgiving first. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Lovely Christmas mosaic. I'm starting my decorating today since we are not hosting Thanksgiving this year.

  4. What a lovely mosaic and I really love your header. Beautiful!
    Thank you for your visit and have a nice

  5. Your mosaic is lovely and your decorations are so charming! I especially love the grouping of the santas!

    Wishing you and your loved one a very safe and happy Thanksgiving!


  6. What a fun way to ease into the holidays...our nest is empty but the girls live close so the day after Thanksgiving they go crazy decorating. We have 5 a 10 footer...I can't imagine not having it all up...BUT, when they are no longer around to help, the amount that goes up will probably decrease. At least I've always been into snowmen so they can linger for a long time.

  7. This is lovely! Almost seems too bad that you decorate for winter instead of Christmas when you have such cute treasures tucked away...

  8. You have a beautiful mosaic and decorations, and that purple Santa goes well with your favorite color!
    I will not think BIG, this year, maybe a small Christmas tree will do.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. I'm with you I like more winter theme deco that I can keep up longer. We've streamlined a lot too as we live in a smaller house now. Love those snowmen in the middle! ~Jeanne

  10. I love your purple Santa. I collect Santas and am always looking for different ones. I do think that the cardinal is a perfect winter decoration. I don't keep my stuff up as long as you do but they are up for a good 5-6 weeks, usually because after all the work putting them up I am not eager to take them down.

  11. Lovely Christmas Mosaic and decorations.


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