Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friday's Favourite - A Stone House

Sometimes when you're hurrying by landmarks in your car you don't really look at them too closely.  Last week I slowed down to take a better look at this old farmhouse and it intrigued me.  After photographing it, I thought of the people that spent the hours putting all those stones in place and how proud they must have been when their new home was finished.
I knew when I asked a past president of our historical society and a driving force behind the book 'Farms of Innisfil' that when I described the place, she'd be able to tell me who owned it.  The stone house was built around 1860 by Thomas Averill, orginally from Ireland.


  1. love this house.......i wonder if anyone takes care of the property now? looks like it has a little bit of upkeep going on.

  2. I Betcha I could tell a few stories. I love old farmhouses. They have such personality and it seems a shame to see them abandoned. V


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