Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Itoh Peonies

I purchased two Itoh (Intersectional) peonies from Dominion Seed House in late summer this year and can hardly wait for them to bloom. This variety is a cross between tree peonies and herbaceous (garden) types with the purpose of producing yellow flowers with an herbaceous habit. To read my column on Itoh peonies this week visit the Scope newspaper in the link under favourite websites.

Pictured above is the award winning 'Bartzella', a fragrant double yellow.

This is 'Sequestered Sunshine' which is a single to semi-double and since I couldn't decide between the two, chose both.

The photos are from Dominion Seed House.

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  1. Oh, peonies are some of my favorites. I don't see many yellow ones! These are outstanding.


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