Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Indian Summer

I'd like to think that this is Indian Summer; the weather has been very pleasant for working in the garden to get the last of the winter prep done. Above is a picture of the pond during the summer when it was mesmerizing to gaze at the reflection of the coneflowers and see the goldfish swimming near the surface. Today I was scooping out leaves and cutting back lily pads - every year we say we should buy a net but never seem to go out and buy one. I startled a frog that jumped into the water but must have hidden after that.
We may have reached a balanced ecosystem finally this year as our water was the best it's ever been and we only run a line for the waterfall. There was no sign of any fish and I hope our visiting blue heron hasn't eaten them all.

There has been a record number of squirrels in our neighbourhood this year. Look at this one eating the peanuts out of the squirrel-proof metal feeder. Usually this feeder hangs in a tree but I got smart and was able to put a baffle on a shepherd's hook and the only way they can reach the peanuts now is by leaping out of the trees or off the deck. (and they try!)
During my planting of some new native plants and trial shrubs in early summer, the squirrels dug up everything I put in, and more than once - I was not amused.
A lot of trees have been cut this summer in the name of progress as our village starts to grow and the squirrels are having to move into already occupied territories. One brazen female discovered how to get into the garden shed under the eaves and was setting up a cozy nest for the winter. Three times I removed a bushel basket sized pile of young branches and leaves until we decided the area should be boarded up.
I'm not totally heartless towards the gang of squirrels that ravage our yards; they still get peanuts in the shell that are thrown out for the blue jays.


  1. You have an interesting blog. The reflections in the pond are lovely and the landscape photo of the trees reflected in the water is fantastic when enlargened.

  2. You have a beautiful pond there, and the reflections in the water is quite amazing!

  3. What a pretty photo...so lovely and enchanting..love it! and wow..I love squirrels.awww...he is quite the cutey!


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