Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday's Favourite - Nigella

I'd describe my gardening style as cottage-victorian and nigella is a favourite annual found in cottage gardens. Sometimes known as love-in-a-mist because of the feathery foliage, this dainty flower can be found in blue, mauve, rose or white. Nigella has interesting seed pods and will self seed but they're easy to pull out. This is 'Gertrude Jekyll' the darkest blue.

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  1. Very pretty. Is this a plant that should be started indoors? When I read "self seeds" makes me think perhaps I would do better to buy seeds and sow directly? I'm in zone 5a just south of Ottawa.
    Lovely blog...I must post a pic of a tiny wee lavender plant I started from is living in my kitchen window.


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