Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mosaic Monday

Mosaic Monday is kindly hosted by Little Red House and brings out the imagination of bloggers from numerous locations.
This week I decided to do a tree mosaic and right in the middle is the 'face in the tree'. I photographed it in a park in Ottawa several years ago.
The golf ball-sized seed pods of the sycamore tree are quite unique and this one we have in our community arboretum. The decomposing tree has so many woodpecker holes in it that it must have fed many hungry mouths over the years.
The tree in the mist I snapped with my small point and shoot Canon I like to carry in a pocket when walking the dog early in the morning and the icy blue spruce is 'Baby Blue' planted three years ago out the back.
A couple of winters ago we had the most amazing hoar frost on all our trees and the dwarf crabapple became the subject of many of my photos.


  1. Beautiful mosaic of such pretty trees! The "face" is really interesting!

  2. Beautiful, I love the serenity of the tree, they look so peaceful and they give so much, love textures of many trees, love the center piece, thank you for sharing, great mosaic, enjoy your day :) cya MOnikaROse

  3. Wonderful mosaic. I love the variety of trees in different seasons. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great mosaic...I love the outdoors and old trees. Your pictures are lovely!

  5. Hi Judith: Great idea to think of trees. It is terrific. Valerie


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