Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Birds and the Bees

The starlings are gathering in large flocks at this time of year and they can be heard in the tall trees out the back. They sounded pretty close this afternoon so I looked out a window and the whole elderberry bush just off the deck was rustling and moving. Grabbing my camera I was careful to be quiet as I opened the back screen door but they were skittish with the movement and I'll be two dozen birds came out of that shrub. Branches were broken and the berries almost wiped out except for a few near the bottom, and it was loaded. Lucky for me a loner was still hungry and came back for more which allowed me to capture a photo.

I happened to spot a paper wasp nest in a Norway maple a couple of streets over yesterday. It is an amazing work of art that these small insects can construct and so I decided to take my small digital camera this morning on my walk. The nest had become even bigger by the time I photographed it and one of the workers was caught just entering the nest.

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  1. Hi Judith: I too noticed the starlings starting to flock together. The wasp nest was huge. I enjoyed reading it. Valerie


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