Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Autumn decorating

After seeing the inspirational autumn mosaics this week at Little Red House, I did manage to put together an autumn mosaic but thought I'd show that I'm in the spirit and have decorated too. The black basket with the blackbird on top has wee pumpkins in it by the front door each year. I used real ones the first time but liked the look of these faux pumpkins and have been using them ever since. At Halloween, the odd one is pinched because when I pack them away, there's always one or two missing.
I went through quite a crafty phase years ago and did so many ceramic gnomes and things I decided to turn to wood crafts. My husband bought a scroll saw so he could cut out all my whims and then I got busy painting and assembling them. These are two that I made for autumn and they are hung annually.


  1. Nice decorating. Mary's Little Red House has me looking through my Thanksgiving items too. I laughed about the scroll saw because I received one from my husband a few years ago for Christmas. I never used it. It is collecting dust in the basement. I just wanted to paint them not cut them out too. Oh Well.

  2. Well autumn greetings to you. Lavender Cottage is a cool name. I like your mosaic and the tree with the face.
    Happy Twirls


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