Friday, August 21, 2009

Juvenile Cardinals Love Chokecherries

Early yesterday morning I saw a fox in our subdivision, and this isn't the first time. Back in the spring I saw one in the same area so I would imagine they have a den somewhere close by.We have an unusually large number of squirrels and rabbits around this year and with any luck the foxes will cull them before they get out of hand.

The cardinals have been successful with rearing their young and four juveniles are constantly at the black oil sunflower feeder. They must be like human teenagers, always hungry.We have a grove of chokecherry bushes at the back of our property that the birds planted from an expelled pit that germinated. They don't seem to be spreading too far out of bounds and when the berries are ripe, the fight is on between the birds. Robins and cardinals, including the juveniles must love the tart taste as there is a lot of wing flapping and scolding going on between these two species. Cardinals are territorial so once these young ones mature they'll be off to find their own mate and area to live in year round.

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