Friday, August 7, 2009

Hydrangeas from Gardenimport

This year I am growing on trial two Annabelle hydrangea arborescens from Gardenimport. 'Invincibelle Spirit' is the first ever pink Annabelle that starts out a dark hot pink colour and matures to a bright pink. Planted in the front near the sidewalk, it should stop traffic when mature.

The other is 'Incrediball' which was bred for sturdier stems so that the flowers won't flop from their weight or a heavy rainfall. The massive mop-head blooms will open lime green, change to white and age to green again.
Annabelle hydrangeas bloom on new wood so can be pruned in late fall or early spring. In cold regions, the plant will tolerate being cut back to the ground.
Hydrangea photos are courtesy of Proven Winners

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