Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It's Tea Time

Hello everyone~
With the gardens lying dormant above ground, although there's lots of activity going on below, my attention turns more to my second passion which is tea.

Two Woman and Tea
Two women met for tea. They talked about life.
Things they were working through and things they were learning.
They showed each other grace and gave each other courage, even though neither of them had all the answers, they knew that God sure did. 
So they laughed and they cried and shared their lives.
And in the end, 
When the cups were empty…
Their hearts were full. 

I ordered these teacup socks online and when the checkout showed they were half price I ordered a second pair for someone special. 💜

Tea themed items turn up where you least expect and walking past Christmas decor in our local drugstore a light up Tea Shop was sitting on a shelf just waiting for me. 

I won a giveaway of this adorable matching teapot and teacup from Angela who blogs at Tea with Friends. 

They will join the other miniature collectibles on my tea cart.

Sherie who owns Lavender Floral in town has the same love as me for not only lavender but cardinals as well. I picked up the cream and sugar from her shop last week and had a piece of Newfoundland Cherry Loaf (recipe can be found here) with Murchie's Christmas tea one afternoon.

A  #magicmoment from the weekend while at our granddaughter's volleyball tournament. Our daughter and her son were standing together against the wall and I snapped a photo of them. Of course adding a little forest scene from PiZap enhanced the pair. 
Remember to Take Time for Tea

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Finding Magic Moments

This ball of bent wire is one I recently shared on my FB page, merely labeled modern art. It is actually what was stuffed in hanging lights over the tables in a Pickle Barrel where we had lunch one day. Neither hubby or I could read our menus in the semi-darkness so he reached up and pulled it out of the light providing a brighter atmosphere and allowed us to see better. 
It was an interesting ball of wire that I kept looking at and finally snapped with my iPhone.  
I thought I'd share some of the Christmas cards I've been creating.
 Below is the inside of the teacup mouse card. A stamp I like very much with a cozy sentiment.
 New from Stampin' Up this year, an old fashioned Santa and coordinating inside stamp.
 An afternoon Christmas tea and bazaar I attended that was hosted by the local Eastern Star ladies.
After the sandwich platter came a plate laden with sweets. My eye was drawn right away to this shortbread and as I sat gazing at it my mind travelled back to the 60s. It's like I was frozen in time... the exact shape and piece of cherry on a shortbread like my mother used to make. I was in charge of chopping the cherries and pressing them into the dough. The shortbreads were a family favourite with afternoon tea or after dinner for dessert.  This tasted just like my mother's shortbread.
Certainly a magic moment for me and one that brought tears to the surface remembering long ago Christmas baking.
I've started adding #magicmoment to some of the photos I post in social medial because they are just that, something special I've seen or has meaning for me. Do you run across any magic moments during your day?

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Scandinavian Treats and a Shimmering Snowflake

I haven't been posting once a week as intended but I have been busy making Christmas cards for two exchange groups. One is the Canadian card and tea exchange I started while the other is a small group from Afternoon Tea Across America. It was nice to see small ATAA groups formed this year and ours is for those who craft their own cards.
I've also been off to a couple of Christmas events, one being the Scandinavian Church bazaar and bake sale that I never miss.
 I always buy a couple of loaves of pulla filled with cardamom and above is a slice of tosca cake (Swedish almond) that I had for afternoon tea one day this week.
As you can see Christmas decor is out now too, done right after Remembrance Day. I don't put our small faux tree up for another week or so but do like the pops of red after having pastel pink, blue and lavender coloured decor throughout spring and summer.
I did a post on aprons a few weeks back and found this pretty one that came home with me. The saleswoman had just put them out and it will be perfect to use throughout winter.
source: Amazon.com

I love Christmas movies and Finding John Christmas is one I'd recommend, I've been watching a different one every night that I record from various channels. It is a big disappointment that we don't get the Hallmark channel our US neighbours have.
One warm and sunny day I took a drive way up north into farm country where I met and participated in a stained glass workshop with a friend. We made similar snowflakes and I love how various colours are captured in the frosted panes of mine which hangs in the front living room window. We were invited by Gayle the instructor to bring our lunch which we had in her huge farmhouse kitchen. 
Today I did some Christmas shopping in a couple of independent stores but I need to get to the mall soon because I despise crowds.
The weather continues to be warm enough to leave a coat in the car when running errands. Could be another green Christmas next month.🎄

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Stephanie's 2016 Autumn Teacup Exchange Reveal

This is the third teacup exchange of Stephanie's that I've participated in and each has been an experience of generosity, thoughtfulness and friendship. Let me share what I received for the autumn exchange.
My parcel arrived from fellow Canadian Marina who lives in Edmonton, Alberta. The card is adorned with sweet violets, the birth flower for February which is when my birthday is.
The box contained pretty packages wrapped in lavender and silver with butterfly stickers.
Two varieties of tea, both of which I drink regularly and love that they were selected for me.
Lavender napkins and a lavender sachet.
An adorable kitchen towel with a baking theme.
There was also Guylian chocolates and thin Belgian chocolate biscuits. Can you see my beautiful teacup with the violets? I've already enjoyed some of my new tea in it a number of times along with the biscuits which were delicious.
A heart collage showing how much I appreciate the teas and teacup selected for me.
“The daintiness and yet elegance of a china teacup
 focuses one to be gentle, to think warmly, and to feel close.”
~Carol and Malcolm Cohen~
Thank you Marina for the box of love you sent me.
My box of love was sent to Lynda Ruth Bowers in New Brunswick, Canada and I did a bit of a Christmas theme with her teacup.
I am linking with Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose where all the other ladies will be revealing what they received in their parcels. Thank you so much Stephanie for hosting!
As always, take time for tea

Monday, October 24, 2016

Inspired, Illuminated and Friendship

In My Garden

It surprised me to see the tiny PW 'Pink Perfume' Bloomerang lilac planted last year blooming again.

These are the berries of Actaea pachypoda commonly known as white baneberry or doll's eyes. They're always an interesting plant in the fall garden.
It was a busy week last week and I took my hubby out for lunch for his birthday to a restaurant in the country called The Globe which is famous for their good food and presentation of meals.
This is the smoked trout salad plate that I had which was delicious, hubby had the omelette special.
In the spring I saw a journalling Bible mentioned on someone's FB and I had never heard of this type of Bible. After some research I knew I wanted one and saved points from our Visa card for Chapters Book Store and ordered it at the end of summer. I'm still at the tip of the iceberg for knowing how I can be creative in my new Bible but look forward to doing this over several years. Anyone else have one?
Our youngest daughter is a talented photographer and these are her two children a couple of years ago  blown up on a canvas wall hanging. She had a Scentsy light burning below it and the grands were illuminated in a special way. 
Three of us from our Canadian card and tea exchange group met again at The Old Curiosity Shop in Markham and enjoyed a Victorian Tea together. On the left is Margie from Tea in the Valley sporting her new witch's hat fascinator and across from her is Wendy from September Violets.  I'm wearing my new fascinator purchased on the MI tea tour.
We had a wonderful time eating, laughing and having heartwarming conversations but did miss the other Ontario gals who couldn't make it.
The weather is much cooler in the mornings now and I have had to pull out a winter hat to keep my ears warm....the coat will be coming soon.
Take Time for Tea
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