Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mosaic Monday #12 - Time

My husband's grandfather's pocket watch frozen in time from so long ago.
The back a little worn from loving hands that pulled it out of a pocket to check the time.
A couple of small clocks that are special to me. A petite Alfred Sung mantle clock and a 25 year Cavalcade of Sports clock gifted from Gillette for a winning display of their products I created many years ago.

Time is the coin of your life. 
It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent.
Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.
 ~Carl Sandburg~
I changed some of the photos to Sepia and created the mosaics with Pic Monkey. 

Mosaic Monday was the creation of Mary Carroll, a professional who shared her photography on her blog Little Red House. Every Monday Mary would feature a mosaic she had created and decided to ask her readers on May 15, 2009 if they'd be willing to participate in a link party of mosaics. The response was favourable and on Monday May 17, 2009 Mosaic Monday was born. By 2012 the party averaged 60 participants. (from research I did on Little Red House)
With time and changes in her life, Mary found she could no longer keep up this wonderful meme and announced it would close unless someone offered to take it over. An opportunity for professional and hobby photographers like myself with no subject restrictions, I stepped up and hosted my first Mosaic Monday on August 10, 2014. 
The guidelines remain the same to participate and I wish to thank the regular participants and welcome anyone joining for the first time.
Welcome to Mosaic Monday
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Friday's Favourite - Blue Willow

As a young girl, I had my own tea set like most little girls did. How I loved pretending to hold tea parties for my dolls and I. My set was Blue Willow and consisted of several other pieces besides the teapot and cups.
Sadly, this platter is all I have left of my set. I don't remember what happened to the other pieces other than they were likely broken or lost over the years.
I subscribe to the newsletter from the Royal Doulton store not far from us and sometimes they advertise some great sales. Last week they were offering a Blue Willow teapot for only $19.99. Who could resist for this low price, so I drove out to the store and purchased one. They were in the midst of unpacking lots of boxes and although we could find a stack of saucers, the cups evaded our search, otherwise I would have brought home a matching teacup.
 I've brewed tea a few times already in the Blue Willow and like its pouring spout. I've put out a couple of autumn sugar cookies to have with tea today.
I decided to use my Lennox butterfly wings teacup for a touch of pink as this is the last tea of the month to celebrate breast cancer awareness.
One of my favourite tea shops is the Blue Willow in Gravenhurst where everyone is served with their vast collection of this china pattern.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Scenes of early Canada Tea Set

When I babysit for our #2 daughter, I like to use late Aunt May's tea set, part of her Staffordshire china which our daughter inherited. Aunt May is actually a great, great aunt to our daughter and she brought her china from England to Canada when she came over.
The unique thing about this set by Ridgeway is that every piece has a different hand engraving from Bartlett's scenes of early Canada in 1842. The teapot features "The Lake of Two Mountains".
The creamer has "A Shanty on Lake Choutierre", the sugar "A Lake Farm on the Frontier", and the teacups all have "Village of Cedars" on them. The saucers are quite deep and my husband said he remembers his grandfather pouring his hot tea into a saucer and drinking from it. Today's saucers certainly wouldn't hold much tea and I'd not like to try drinking from one. Anyone heard of this before?
My 8 year old grandson used my point and shoot camera to take this photo of his sister and I having afternoon tea. We used the teacups from the kitchen and found a box of chocolate mint Girl Guide cookies to nosh on.
The photo on the wall in the background was taken by our daughter, an accomplished photographer.
In keeping with our pink theme this month, I've included a previously posted photo of a tea tray with the book "Taking Time for Tea" by Diana Rosen.
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mosaic Monday #11 - Gratitude

Last weekend was our Canadian Thanksgiving and it was wonderful to have the whole family together. We ate, laughed, reminisced, ate and more importantly showed gratitude for our all we have.
A story with a few pictures of our time together.
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Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday's Favourite - My Painted Garden

All I have to do is look in the front yard to see an autumn tapestry of colours painted by Mother Nature.
Usually the Norway maple planted by the town on the boulevard drops it's leaves while green but look at the golden colour of it this year on the right.
Pagoda dogwood on the left and serviceberry on the right.
I used an Orton effect on this photo where the lavender continues to bloom.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pink Teas Continue with a Lavender Pumpkin

I knew Sandi would be sharing her pink pumpkins and look how many more she has decorated this year! So...last year I figured Lavender Cottage should have a lavender one. I spray painted a plastic one I had and sprinkled lavender fairy dust all over it. Too bad you can't see the glitter better in this photo.
I saved one of the pink geraniums from the deck as the colour is a pretty one and matches the pot. Perfect for the month of pink teas too!
 While away for our Canadian Thanksgiving, I picked up a couple more pumpkin teas to try from Davids.
A new store carries Whittard teas and a package of darjeeling joined my trio of...
jams to try. Aren't they yummy combinations?
I am looking forward to trying the teas and jams. Guess I better get some scones baking in the oven for my afternoon tea!
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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mosaic Monday #10 Where Special Happens

I recently had the honour of attending a luncheon at the Famous People Players Dine and Dream Theatre to remember Jim Flaherty. (1949-2014)
Famous People Players (FPP) is the creation of Diane Dupuy, a recipient of the Order of Canada, first Canadian to receive the Library of Congress Award, Queen's Jubilee Medal of Honour, book author and the list goes on and on. FPP is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and has seen many developmentally challenged students take part over the years. 
Each event takes place at the Dine and Dream Theatre and all students learn to cook in the kitchen, serve the patrons and act on the stage. A note about the Newman's Own Kitchen...sponsored by Paul Newman himself.
The FPP group has travelled the world and been featured on the Rick Mercer Report. (link from the website
The Dine and Dream experience commenced with appetizers from Fina Scroppo, author of the new cookbook The Healthy Italian. We were then served a beet salad with frisee and a main course of roasted chicken and vegetables. Following dinner we went into the theatre in the next room for the performance and returned to apple pie with tea and coffee. Celebrity chef Christopher Woods gives his time to develop and create a menu which the team of players can help cook and serve.
Laureen Harper, Canada's First Lady (Prime Minister Harper's wife) was a special guest to honour Jim Flaherty seen with Diane Dupuy. (on the right holding her notes) Dupuy said that Flaherty supported FPP and was instrumental in getting the theatre financial help for their new location from the government during his term as federal finance minister.
internet source
Sadly Mr. Flaherty passed away in April this year, a month after resigning from his position. His wife, Christine Elliott was present to receive a medal in his honour.
On the left, one of well known puppets and the right is taken during the performance. The players whirl around dressed in black, use colourful props and white gloves under special lighting effects.
Hubby and I attended the event with my good friend Ruth who turned 94 this summer and has been a patron of the FPP for years.
This was the second occasion for me to attend a Dine and Dream event and I was as inspired by the students this time as I was the first. The list of famous names that contribute money for the program to run, along with Diane Dupuy's passion make FPP the success it is.
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Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadian bloggers! 
A reminder that I will be late in visiting your posts.


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