Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cranberry Curd and Cinnamon Chips

The lovely turquoise 'Rosina' is pulled from the china cabinet today for tea. But what do cranberry curd and cinnamon chips have in common you ask? Both gifts, and yummy ones too.
The cranberry curd by Harry and David was part of a Christmas present from our daughter and it is a thick spread of tart goodness to have on scones instead of lemon curd for a change.
I've read about my American blogging sisters saying how much they liked baking with cinnamon chips and I took hubby with me to look in Target and Walmart but they were nowhere to be found. They would sell well in our Canadian grocery stores - hint, hint!
Not too long ago a package arrived in the mail with a bag of the cinnamon chips for me to bake my heart out with! There were a couple of tea bags included and Bigelow's salted caramel made a decadent cup of tea. Thank you my friend Kitty for thinking of me and generously sending a much appreciated bag of cinnamon chips my way and a couple of new teas to try. Kitty is a great baker and I've already adopted a couple of her recipes for my own.
The cinnamon chips were delicious in scones and my hubby loves the new addition too!
This batch quickly disappeared and we're into another. Have you tried cinnamon chips in any of your recipes? I'll be looking for these when we are in Florida next month to bring home a few bags.
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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mosaic Monday #25 Painted Bouquets

Like many blogging sisters I've had fun playing with the Waterlogue app on my iPad and hope it will become available for my MacBook too.
To bring some colour and pretty flowers into an otherwise cold and snowy atmosphere, I painted three bouquets.
Have you played with Waterlogue yet? There are a number of settings to choose from and it's easy to use.
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On behalf of party hosts across blogdom, thank you to the gracious participants that understand the etiquette of joining memes. By observing, it doesn't take long to figure out and I'm sure the hosts, myself included, appreciate their guidelines being followed. Thank you for your understanding. 

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Afternoon Tea at Campbell's British Tea Room

I heard about a British Tea Room only about a half hour's drive from home and went for afternoon tea with a friend.
The food was delicious, so much we couldn't eat everything on the huge plates so a little bag of goodies came home with each of us. I had the Queen Elizabeth tea while my friend had Lady Grey. The little white teapots held quite a bit of tea but we still had a warm up to last us through our conversation.
There were many British food and tea selections on the shelves for sale but we purchased yummy looking pasties from the display case by the till which I forgot to photograph. 
As a long time participant of Sandi's Tea Time Tuesday gathering and to celebrate the 5th anniversary of her blog, I'm sharing my favourite tea pot.
I know Sandi has the same teapot as well as some matching accessories and we both love Royal Albert's Lavender Rose. My only piece of this pattern is the teapot as I have several crystal cream and sugar sets paired with it.
I've hosted many teas with Lavender Rose and hope to have many more with this elegant lady.

I will be linking with Sandi's 5th anniversary tea gathering at Rose Chintz Cottage. Congratulations my friend for hosting each week during this time, I've met some lovely ladies through this party.
I'm also sharing at Tuesday Cuppa Tea and Friends Sharing Tea.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mosaic Monday #24 Red Bird Love

We are fortunate to have northern cardinals in our gardens year round. They frequent the bird feeders but this is the first year they've tackled the peanut feeder tube.
Here's the male thinking about it as I'm sure he's been watching the woodpeckers, nuthatches and chickadees cling to the metal mesh. How hard can it be?
A bit of wing flapping until he gets a grip with his feet and then stick your face in where all the yummy peanuts are!
The female landed on the peanut feeder but is content to eat safflower seeds from a platform style feeder. Below she is seen at the birdbath in winter. I added a faint texture behind her so her body wasn't lost against the white snow.
Of course mom and dad bring the babies to learn how to eat from a feeder too.
There are lots of cardinals inside too, mostly in the kitchen where you can see my cutting board top right. The bird in the bottom left is on a throw, a warm and cozy addition across my lap when reading on a cold winter day.
If you don't get cardinals in your yard, I hope you enjoyed the ones I've shared.
Now let's see your creative mosaics!

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Friday, January 16, 2015

On a Sunny Day

On a sunny wintry day the crab apple is casting shadows across the snow.
The transparent butterflies on the glass panel is seen as a blue colour by birds so they won't fly into it.
The safflower feeder is busy with male and female house finches.
And the niger seed tube is the place to be for goldfinches.
Here's a couple that decided to sit on the neighbour's window ledge across from my kitchen window. They were there for a good hour or so, likely soaking up the warmth from the bricks.
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tea and Downton Abbey

I'm reading a new book with my daily afternoon tea which is providing insight on the characters, clothing and food of Downton Abbey. If you're watching the series, are you finding season 5 exciting? I loved watching Violet egging Isabel on in the second episode.
A couple of decorated gingerbread teapots from the cookie jar to nibble on with tea using my Maxwell Williams 'Rose Bud' trio.
I picked up a pink Wedgwood teapot ornament for my collection during after Christmas sales.
I cherish my quiet time each afternoon when I can sip and read for an hour or so, usually with the dog on my lap. :-)
I've been busy making tea themed birthday cards for an exchange with an on-line group of women I joined last summer. Most of them are educated tea experts but there are a few kindred tea grannies like me.


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